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Force Mains: Not To Be Forgotten Assets

Johnson County Wastewater District
Olathe, Kansas

During the development of the Johnson County Wastewater District (JCW) Asset Management
Plan it became apparent the available data in the current system did not include sufficient
information on the force mains. To evaluate the condition of the force mains and provide the
missing information the District is embarking on a comprehensive and proactive approach to
prioritization and inspect their force main assets. With the growing environmental awareness
and ever increasing stringent environmental regulations, JCW took a proactive approach to
develop force main asset management protocols and develop an inspection prioritization matrix.
With nearly 40 miles of force mains, JCW’s inventory is comprised of pipes varying in size,
material type, age and condition.
This paper documents the implementation of asset management principles to develop an
inspection prioritization matrix based on risk analysis, recommended inspection technologies
and procedures for collecting data through scheduled routine physical inspections.

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